Did video really kill the radio star?

by Audiodacious

The Buggles were wrong. Video did not kill the radio star. But podcasts, the new kids on the audio block, might just reinvent them.

A pod what?

If trends in the rest of the world (i.e. America) are anything to go by, podcasts have gained a reputation as the fastest growing medium in the world. That’s great for the world. But on the local front, many South Africans don’t even know what a podcast is. If you’re in that group but feel awkward asking the question, one of our favourite definitions is this:

“Podcasts are essentially audio Netflix.” – Jordan Harbinger, podcaster

But if you need something more scientific, a podcast is a digital audio file made available for download on the internet, or “internet radio on demand”. If you could download or stream a piece of audio content (like a sports talk show or an audio interview), listen to it when you wanted (not only during radio broadcast hours), and where you wanted (on your phone, your computer or tablet), you’re a podcast consumer.

Did someone say “we need to build a stronger brand?”

As if cool definitions aren’t enough, podcasts are becoming (according to this Edison Research) the “number one audio source by time of consumption”.

Their research report also show that podcast advertising can benefit your brand in these ways:

  • Expose products to new audiences
  • Increase product purchasing
  • Drive messaging and assist with recall, and
  • Help change perceptions about your brand.  

Take a moment to re-read that last point.

“Podcast advertising helps change perceptions about your brand.”

If your brand feels in need of an inexpensive facelift, keep reading.

What about the radio star?

Podcasting in SA is a largely under-researched space, but Matt Brown Media recently published a report showing significant growth in the uptake of podcasts. For the most part, a podcast in SA is likely to be a radio station clicking Record>File>Save after one of their radio segments. But there’s a fast-growing pool of niche audio content creators,   

If there’s someone who’s earned his stripes in the SA podcasting hall of fame, it’s Gareth Cliff, founder of cliffcentral.com a platform he calls “unRadio”. One of the most compelling cases for podcasting is that it doesn’t require a celebrity voice artist to start one. Granted, radio presenters such as Gareth Cliff and DJ Sbu would certainly help to draw an instant following. But the real strength of podcasting is creating niche content, on the platforms that make most sense to your audience.

Does your brand need a podcast?

If you’re not necessarily looking for a new type of radio star but are keen to find a new way for your brand to connect with your customers, partners or followers, it might be time to take a walk down the podcast lane.

The truth is, the radio star in Mzansi is still alive and kicking. But the audio world has definitely become a less exclusive space.

Give your brand a voice with Audiodacious. Contact us today to find out how.

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